How to spot the Devil


There are many names for him… Lucifer, Satan, the Dark Lord, Devil, etc… and he is the craftiest demon of all. Fortunately, I have found a way to spot him at his work. Key words.

Any true Christian can see the paths taken by others, and analyze what got them there. If you sit down with an Atheist for instance, you will notice a few key words that keep popping up. They might say, “I was a Christian, until I started learning.”… or “I started asking questions and looking for the truth.”. I have compiled a list of words that should be a red flag to you true Christians. If you hear these words, be very careful. The Devil is amongst you, and it might be best if you left the conversation all together.

Naughty words and expressions:

1. learn (learning)

2. Curiosity

3. Education (educate, educated)

4. Study (anything other than the Bible)

5. Knowledge

6. Honest with one’s self

7. Care about what’s right

8. Reality

9. Think

10. Science, evolution,etc…

11. Facts

12. 666 (anything adding up to 666 in some way: example, someone says the word ‘three’, three times, within three years, etc…)

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is true. Do you know what they call a Christian who sits around trying to act tough and “think”, “listen”, and “be honest”…? Atheists. So don’t tempt the Devil. He is good. If you hear these words from anyone other than a Christian elder with a good reputation, you should look that person in the eye and say, “I see you Devil”, then promptly excuse yourself.


Gay Pride?

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Everyone has seen the television shows showing gay people living ‘normal’ lives. Shows like Will & Grace and American Idol.  We ask ourselves, “why the sudden influx of homosexual propaganda in America?”…

There is one logical answer. Because they won’t be satisfied until every American is homosexual. Shows like Will & Grace are targeted to school children, and it’s no surprise that the show airs right after school gets out.

The show would have us believe that homosexuals are “just like everyone else”,  and they are good people. However, the show lies. It shows gay people doing things gay people would never do, and doesn’t show the truth.

It shows Will being concerned with Graces feelings ( A Christian Value)… The show deliberatively deceives  Americans by making actors portray honest Christian values in homosexual life-styles. Two things that are mutually exclusive, and do not go together.

And where’s the perverted behavior? Homosexuals live a life style of perversions. The most common perversion is pedophilia. Yet neither Will nor Jack project and interest in perverted sexual fantasies. Why? Is it that the producers are intentionally misleading Americans? American children? Our children?

Animal Rights?


Anti-americans will come up with all kinds of distractions to keep us from the truth.  So called animal rights activist are among the dirtiest.

“Won’t their livestock and their possessions and all their animals be ours? Only let us give our consent to them, and they will dwell with us.” ” Gen 34

The verse above proves gods position on animals. They are possessions of man, and not to have rights of any kind. They were created for man. They were created to serve us and feed us.

Who would dispute Gods own words? Anti-American Animal Rights activist are clearly trying to bring America to Hell.  Let’s take a look at these animals that these liberals want to have “rights” shall we:

Animal attacks a Christian.

Ask yourself if you want to give animals ‘rights’ or love America and God. It’s your choice!




A new trend in America. Atheism. Now, more than ever, Godless, Anti-Americans are stopping at nothing to corrupt out children. Many honest god-Fearing people are not familiar with atheism, or atheists, so I will tell you.

Here are just a few true statistics. None of the facts have been changed. Let these be a warning to you.

1. Atheists are the least likely people in America to pray to God.

2. Most atheist do not attend church.

3. Atheist secretly hate god, but nine out of every ten atheist in America will tell you they don’t.

4.  Atheists are more likely to murder their spouses than any other group on the face of this earth.

5.  Atheists are the most likely to steal from you.

6. One out of every four atheists in America have been charged with at least one felony.

7. Atheist are the least likely people in America to return a lost item to it’s rightful owner.

8. Ninety percent of all prison inmates are atheist.

9.  Three out of every four atheist are homosexual or bisexual.

10. The average atheist openly admits they will stop at nothing to convince people (especially children) that God is bad.

So next time you meet someone, make sure they are decent God-Fearing Americans. It is not worth it to be open and tolerant in America today. Would you allow your children to sleep over at a pedophiles house? Would you allow your children to go to Muslim Terror Camp? Would you allow your children to talk with a homosexual?

Don’t allow your children (Or yourself) to befriend an atheist. Having an atheist in your life, is like inviting the devil himself in your life. You will not be able to avoid the turmoil the atheist will bring.

A few famous atheist:

The number one atheist in America!

Hussein Obama is a socialistic atheist trying to brain-wash your children into athesim. He will stop at nothing to become the ruler of Earth. His intent is to create a holocaust for Christians.

“I don’t know why Americans think this is a Christian country. Muslims and atheists helped build this country too.” Hussein Obama

Hitler (below) was an evolutionist and an atheist. He killed billions of Christians for their belief in God. Many believe he killed mostly Jews, but that has been proven wrong. One hundresd percent of his victims were honest God – Fearing people.

The manifestation of atheism. Hitler is what every atheist wants to be.

Please remember my fellow Americans. Stay away from the God hating atheists.


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Send more emails! God wants his message spread. Atheists, Muslims, Liberals, and other Godless people are using the INTERNET very effectively to  destroy our youths’ chances at eternal happiness.

You Tube is full of atheists confusing young children with science and evidence. Not too long ago, there was a wild-fire of youths denouncing Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Why? Because of American hating atheists spreading lies on You Tube!

They want American children to believe we came from monkeys.  All atheist hate god, and despise Jesus. They will stop at nothing to drag American children into the arms of the devil! If you ask me, they should all be deported. They cannot be saved.

So send those emails to all of your friends and family. If you know any atheists, liberals, Muslims, or godless democrats. SHUN THEM! Do not befriend them, and stay away. If you have family members who  chose the life of hating God. Then Shun them too! Let them know you hate them, and you want nothing to do with them, and their hatefulness.

Send your friends and family emails every day with a bible verse. Send everyone you have in your email spiritual letters and warnings of Hell.  The Godless will win if we don’t send these emails. If anyone sends you a response that argues your original email, ignore it. Don’t respond. It will only inflame their hate toward you and Jesus. Don’t read it either. The Godless cannot say anything you need to know. Trust me.



Jesus spoke to me. I am to create a blog, and share my insight with America.