A new trend in America. Atheism. Now, more than ever, Godless, Anti-Americans are stopping at nothing to corrupt out children. Many honest god-Fearing people are not familiar with atheism, or atheists, so I will tell you.

Here are just a few true statistics. None of the facts have been changed. Let these be a warning to you.

1. Atheists are the least likely people in America to pray to God.

2. Most atheist do not attend church.

3. Atheist secretly hate god, but nine out of every ten atheist in America will tell you they don’t.

4.  Atheists are more likely to murder their spouses than any other group on the face of this earth.

5.  Atheists are the most likely to steal from you.

6. One out of every four atheists in America have been charged with at least one felony.

7. Atheist are the least likely people in America to return a lost item to it’s rightful owner.

8. Ninety percent of all prison inmates are atheist.

9.  Three out of every four atheist are homosexual or bisexual.

10. The average atheist openly admits they will stop at nothing to convince people (especially children) that God is bad.

So next time you meet someone, make sure they are decent God-Fearing Americans. It is not worth it to be open and tolerant in America today. Would you allow your children to sleep over at a pedophiles house? Would you allow your children to go to Muslim Terror Camp? Would you allow your children to talk with a homosexual?

Don’t allow your children (Or yourself) to befriend an atheist. Having an atheist in your life, is like inviting the devil himself in your life. You will not be able to avoid the turmoil the atheist will bring.

A few famous atheist:

The number one atheist in America!

Hussein Obama is a socialistic atheist trying to brain-wash your children into athesim. He will stop at nothing to become the ruler of Earth. His intent is to create a holocaust for Christians.

“I don’t know why Americans think this is a Christian country. Muslims and atheists helped build this country too.” Hussein Obama

Hitler (below) was an evolutionist and an atheist. He killed billions of Christians for their belief in God. Many believe he killed mostly Jews, but that has been proven wrong. One hundresd percent of his victims were honest God – Fearing people.

The manifestation of atheism. Hitler is what every atheist wants to be.

Please remember my fellow Americans. Stay away from the God hating atheists.