Send more emails! God wants his message spread. Atheists, Muslims, Liberals, and other Godless people are using the INTERNET very effectively to  destroy our youths’ chances at eternal happiness.

You Tube is full of atheists confusing young children with science and evidence. Not too long ago, there was a wild-fire of youths denouncing Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Why? Because of American hating atheists spreading lies on You Tube!

They want American children to believe we came from monkeys.  All atheist hate god, and despise Jesus. They will stop at nothing to drag American children into the arms of the devil! If you ask me, they should all be deported. They cannot be saved.

So send those emails to all of your friends and family. If you know any atheists, liberals, Muslims, or godless democrats. SHUN THEM! Do not befriend them, and stay away. If you have family members who  chose the life of hating God. Then Shun them too! Let them know you hate them, and you want nothing to do with them, and their hatefulness.

Send your friends and family emails every day with a bible verse. Send everyone you have in your email spiritual letters and warnings of Hell.  The Godless will win if we don’t send these emails. If anyone sends you a response that argues your original email, ignore it. Don’t respond. It will only inflame their hate toward you and Jesus. Don’t read it either. The Godless cannot say anything you need to know. Trust me.