Everyone has seen the television shows showing gay people living ‘normal’ lives. Shows like Will & Grace and American Idol.  We ask ourselves, “why the sudden influx of homosexual propaganda in America?”…

There is one logical answer. Because they won’t be satisfied until every American is homosexual. Shows like Will & Grace are targeted to school children, and it’s no surprise that the show airs right after school gets out.

The show would have us believe that homosexuals are “just like everyone else”,  and they are good people. However, the show lies. It shows gay people doing things gay people would never do, and doesn’t show the truth.

It shows Will being concerned with Graces feelings ( A Christian Value)… The show deliberatively deceives  Americans by making actors portray honest Christian values in homosexual life-styles. Two things that are mutually exclusive, and do not go together.

And where’s the perverted behavior? Homosexuals live a life style of perversions. The most common perversion is pedophilia. Yet neither Will nor Jack project and interest in perverted sexual fantasies. Why? Is it that the producers are intentionally misleading Americans? American children? Our children?