How to spot the Devil


There are many names for him… Lucifer, Satan, the Dark Lord, Devil, etc… and he is the craftiest demon of all. Fortunately, I have found a way to spot him at his work. Key words.

Any true Christian can see the paths taken by others, and analyze what got them there. If you sit down with an Atheist for instance, you will notice a few key words that keep popping up. They might say, “I was a Christian, until I started learning.”… or “I started asking questions and looking for the truth.”. I have compiled a list of words that should be a red flag to you true Christians. If you hear these words, be very careful. The Devil is amongst you, and it might be best if you left the conversation all together.

Naughty words and expressions:

1. learn (learning)

2. Curiosity

3. Education (educate, educated)

4. Study (anything other than the Bible)

5. Knowledge

6. Honest with one’s self

7. Care about what’s right

8. Reality

9. Think

10. Science, evolution,etc…

11. Facts

12. 666 (anything adding up to 666 in some way: example, someone says the word ‘three’, three times, within three years, etc…)

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is true. Do you know what they call a Christian who sits around trying to act tough and “think”, “listen”, and “be honest”…? Atheists. So don’t tempt the Devil. He is good. If you hear these words from anyone other than a Christian elder with a good reputation, you should look that person in the eye and say, “I see you Devil”, then promptly excuse yourself.




Jesus spoke to me. I am to create a blog, and share my insight with America.